Learning to DJ

DJ software like Traktor Pro allows you to mix music at home without coming to look at additional equipment here. This is ideal for beginners, since you do not need large investments to do. Do you want to continue with a DJ, then it is useful to delve into the different types of equipment for DJs, or: DJ gear.

Although you do not need the following equipment to DJ at home, you can use the following types of equipment to make your DJ experience according to your wishes. Find out what equipment and how it can enrich your DJ experience at onlinedjguide.com

midi controllers

Midi equipment is equipment that allows you to control your computer. Turn a knob on the best MIDI DJ controllers, then turns it on your screen a button in Traktor. This is very useful because you can use as two hands simultaneously instead of just your mouse.

There are now marketed many different MIDI controllers, and you can use them in combination with Traktor. You have MIDI controllers that are especially made to mix, like the Hercules or Traktor Kontrol Z1 . There are controllers that focus more on effects such as the Behringer or Traktor X1 . Because MIDI controllers come in all shapes and sizes are available, it is important that you get some experience DJing before you buy one.

MIDI controllers from Native Instruments recommended because they are specially designed for Traktor. Would you rather run with another mark MIDI controller? This is perfectly possible, but keep in mind that setting the controller which can be extra work.


Imagine you’re at home on your computer to a DJ and want to mix two songs into one whole. The first song, a cheerful house classic, rumbles already filled out your speakers and you’re looking for in your collection for a good successor. You will find two numbers that seem appropriate, but you doubt a bit and am not sure whether the songs good enough match. If only there was a way to advance …

With the best dj headphones, you can pre-listen to a track with no sound coming out of your speakers. How to ‘sneak’ you pre-listen how two songs sound together before they’re mixing. This gives more freedom to experiment “in the mix” with different combinations between songs. Personally, I swear by the Stanton DJ Pro 2000 , but as long as the headset your ears properly closed, you can run anywhere.


At home to have the ultimate DJ experience, you can stabbing of time and money in putting together a good sound system.Speakers are really in all shapes and sizes, with the whole of your budget depends on where you choose. Keep in mind that for most large speakers need an amplifier, which may entail additional costs. You do not need an amplifier with speakers a little jacketuse ‘as cable, it can connect directly to your computer.