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    Vacuum Coating

    In-house coating design. Customized wavelengths 200~1600nm.

    Hot  & cold substrate coating.

    IAD technology by RF ion-beam source.

    Quartz monitoring & optical monitoring.

    Spectrometric laboratory / Measuring 180~3300nm.

    Transmittance and reflectivity measuring in range of 180~3300nm for normal AOI.

    Residual reflectivity measuring on witness samples for AOI=8°~65°with URA device.

    Transmittance and reflectivity measuring in range of 380~1100nm for AOI up to 70° with optical bench.

    Residual reflectivity measuring on spherical surface at normal AOI from 380~1100nm is available.

    A unique "Refreshing" technology to remove surface contaminations & oxide before coating.

    Professional light source during coating preparation.

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