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Stage in Curacao

We offer a super fun and challenging internship in Curacao.

Leave everything just for a few months to live and work on a tropical island. Who would not want that? We offer a super fun and challenging internship in Curacao. Are you ready for a little vitamin D, can you be without friends and family for a few months and are you a hard worker who wants to learn something? Then you have come to the right place.

We offer a nice internship in a dynamic company. No two days are the same! The student is fully utilized in the team and gets his/her own duties. We will discuss these in advance with the student and his or her teacher carefully. The assignment will also be taken into full consideration. This is presented at the end of the training to all colleagues. The office of Een stage op Curaçao is in a beautifully renovated villa in an excellent neighborhood. Of course, the student will receive a fully-equipped workstation. This means a personal computer, a desk space and all programs needed to work. Besides beautiful workplaces, we also have a lovely terrace where everyone can enjoy lunch and on Fridays we sometimes herald the weekend. There are currently 15 people active at Een stage op Curaçao. Most of them work as a quality assessor, are college educated and bilingual. We also have a commercial manager, a content & marketing manager, an operations manager, as well as financial and content employees.

Downtown Willemstad at twilight, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles


Auto Huren Curacao Studenten:  Typen: Economy, Compact, Standard, Premium, Luxury.
¿Tijdens je stage een auto huren op Curaçao? Wij hebben een ruim aanbod van auto’s en voor ieder budget een oplossing!

Curacao Studentenhuis:  Je huisvesting regelen op Curaçao regel je snel, goedkoop en vertrouwd . Huur: Studentenhuis met 36 kamers in Bellisimaweg.

Huisvesting Curacao Studenten: Je huisvesting regelen op Curaçao regel je snel, goedkoop en vertrouwd. Hier vind je de gezelligste studentenhuizen van curacao

Studentenhuis Curacao:  Je huisvesting regelen op Curaçao regel je snel, goedkoop en vertrouwd
Ga je stage lopen of werken op Curacao en en je op zoek naar een kamer in een studentenhuis? Neem dan een kijkje op de website van Bentaweg in de wijk Santa Rosa!

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